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My major responsibly as the Rector is to develop and ensure potential and student-capacity-building academic curriculum. Basically, we focus on the students’ knowledge, expertise and capacity building for their successful prospective careers.

The main cause of Asia Euro University (AEU) establishment in late 2002 was to actively collaborate with the Royal Government in developing potential, intelligent, creative and skilled human resources, whose abilities are appropriate with levels of the degrees they earn and also match with the needs of the labor markets. AEU is a private higher education institution with highly qualified Management Board, Scientific Council of Academy, professors/lecturers and staff, with experience in both local and international educational sectors for many years.

We are so proud of all the academic curriculums we have offered to the students. AEU’s bright vision toward the new millennium is to go ahead and internationally standardize it.

With international study, research and experience exchange with a number of universities in the developed countries and in combination with local and international internal expert professors/lecturers;

We are absolutely optimistic that things will definitely turn much better that you students will become more confident and convinced in your future as well as your children’s.




Asia Euro University

AEU-Golden-Building: #60, Str. 146-257, Toek Laak II, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh-Cambodia, Postal Code: 12157

Phone: + 855 17 797 799





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